Our Story


There's that old saying, if you want something done...

While packing for a trip overseas I vowed to pack light, to only bring favorites. You know, the items in your closet that just putting them on puts you in a good mood. I quickly realized the only part of my wardrobe in which I couldn't do this was my underwear. I didn't not only love them, I hated most of them. How was this, the one thing that sits closest to my body, was the one thing that went overlooked?

I decided to revamp my entire underwear drawer up to the standards in which I held everything else. I wanted underwear I could wear hiking and out to dinner, that made me feel and look good, made with natural fibers and sustainably conscious practices. I wanted underwear that wouldn't remind me every ten seconds that I was wearing underwear. Apparently, I wanted something that didn't yet exist. 

So, I created it myself.

Stay GLDN is a labor of love. I tirelessly researched, designed, tested, and redesign each style until it was without a doubt exactly what I, and what I believe women everywhere, want and need in their life. It's the sort of change you make and then wonder why you ever wore anything else: a little thing that makes all the difference. I mean, I get it, we aren't saving the planet with underwear, but maybe a woman who is wearing them will.