To create modern Merino wool underwear for women on the move - Women who demand comfort, quality, and excellence from their underwear and accept nothing less.


Stay GLDN was founded in the Spring of 2015 in preparation for a trip overseas. While going through my underwear drawer, I started to question why and how I had so many pairs of underwear, and yet I didn't LOVE any of them. 

Why should I feel like all of my underwear are working against my body? I spend countless hours looking for a flattering and functional bathing suit that gets worn four times per year, but my daily underwear - worn on the most intimate part of my body - was getting zero attention. Things had to change. 

I created a list of desires, but nothing on the market met my demands. After numerous prototypes and interviews with women testing them, the Stay GLDN T-back was brought to market through a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign in January of 2016. 

Women's demands are now being met and we would love to get you your pair. Stop compromising, Stay GLDN.